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a football is changing the world after all

a football is changing the world after all


did you know that mushrooms grow on coffee grounds?

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now this is what i call a good idea and an impressive startup
back to the roots !!!

for those of you with 15′ time i highly recommend this inspiring video

robbie williams supporting c-mon blog

science of happiness

keep thinking positive my friends


toni el suizo

one of the most inspiring people i’ve met – toni rüttimann alias toni el suizo

he has built 648 bridges in 13 countries, has no material possession, no institution is named after him – he just builds bridges for those in need


read the english interview here: toni el suizo

newer interview only  in german: toni el suizo – deutsch


are you tired of running?

good news: life is not a marathon!


let the journey begin

this is your life – live your dream and share your passion

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